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Be Japanese

What does “Be Japanese” mean ?

You can merely visit Japan for sightseeing or you can “Be Japanese”

And experience your foster country like a local.

We are English speaking tour guides who are from Japan,

and our main goal is to help you have the same experience in our country that we do.

Japan is a wonderland where you can find the coexistence of traditional and modern cultures.

Centuries old temples stand side by side with sky scrapers,

you cross paths with young Japanese dressed in the latest brightly-colored,

animation inspired fashion and hear the latest J pop from a mobile billboard or video screen.

It's our pleasure to help tourist navigate and experience the true Japanese culture.

Won't you “Be Japanese”, while you travel in Japan?


What does “Beppin” mean?

Beppin is grace ! Beppin is beauty ! Beppin is historic Japanese culture !

In the past, the term Beppin was used to describe a certain kind of beautiful woman ;

one who possessed grace as well as intelligence.

Beppin still exist today, but, have changed with modern times.

Today, Beppin is aware of modern fashion, pursuits,

and ways of thinking, and retains cute, wit and playful.

Regardless of age, she is a fun free spirits who knows how to have a good time,

today's refined Beppin would go to a night club,

but they would do wearing a kimono at the same time.

That's "Beppin" !

Beppin tour guides are special,

providing a fun tour that blends modern and traditional Japanese cultures.

Beppin tours educate,

inform and enlighten without being stuffy like other uninspired expeditions.

We hope you will enjoy the delightful dualism of our Beppin culture !!


Team Beppin



Founder of "Be Japanese", with a unique background as a fashion designer.
I've devoted my life to fashion & art, and created things including new ideas and trend.
Creativity is my speciality. I'd loved to entertain you with "Be Japanese", and "Beppin" culture, which is unique to us !

Sunshine Yoko

sunshine Yoko

Yoko is topnotch tour guide who can entertain you with her marvelous knowledge and with her great sense of humor.
Please enjoy the great time with the best of the best guiding !!!


Lynns Tomomi face 160Real Tokyoite who loves meeting people, enjoying cooking (and eating !) , art, architecture both modern & traditional.



I love to talk with people from different countries. Let's enjoy exploring fashionable & traditional Japan !



Hi! I'm Yukiko. As a tour leader, I traveled abroad many times with Japanese guests. Now I found it much more exciting to find out unique Japan with guests from abroad! Always looking for something fun and interesting. let's find new for you in Japan!



Hello! Bonjour! I am an English and French speaking guide with passion for traveling, arts and food. I want to show you Japan and its beauties, from the most famous to the most hidden and make your experience in Japan enjoyable and fulfilling!



Full of curiosity so interested in various kinds of things such as arts, fashion, architecture, bonsai, kimono, tea ceremony, cooking, golf and so on. Why don't you enjoy soaking in tranquility and noisiness in Tokyo with me ?



I`m English and Spanish speaking tour guide. I love travelling and good food. I`m looking forward to seeing you in Japan!



Hello! What fascinates you the most in Japan? Delicious foods? Traditional or a new culture? Fashion? Fine arts? Let's explore them together!



Are you interested in Japanese music? My whole family`s hobby is to play the recorder. Various kinds of music including folk music and festival music has been passed down from my grand mother to mother, and to me. Now I am adding a new selection from animation movies to them! Let`s enjoy the sound of Japan together!

Sami Jane

Sami JaneUsed to work as a scuba diving instructor. Ask me anything about marine sports, resort areas, and gourmet seafood !!
I will guide you on land and water in Japan !!


yumiHello! And Bonjour! I am living in France and Japan, each place half of the year. To introduce the Japanese culture in France, and the French culture into Japan is my vocation. I love meeting people from all over the world, and let`s make a new experience together with Be Japanese!

Little K

Little KCreate happiness with big smile ! Understanding both western & Japanese culture, and professional,
but outgoing characteristic make you great memories ☆

Keiji Yuda

KeijiKeiji is a professional golf player and a singer.
He is impeccably courteous person with a chiseled face and unbelievable high class golf technique.
Let's enjoy playing golf with him !

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