What are “Beppin?”

Beppin are graceful! Beppin are beautiful! Beppin are a part of historical Japanese culture!

In the past, the term Beppin was used to describe a certain kind of beautiful woman
that possessed grace as well as intelligence. Beppin still exist today, but, have changed with modern times.
Today, Beppin are aware of modern fashion, and new ways of thinking, yet retain a sharp wit and an innocent playfulness. Regardless of age, she is a fun free spirit who knows how to have a good time. Today’s refined Beppin might go to a night club, but they would do so wearing a kimono at the same time.

That’s so “Beppin!”

Beppin tour guides are special. They provide fun and fashionable tours that blend modern and traditional Japanese culture.
Beppin tour guides are fabulous and friendly and will educate and enlighten you.
We hope you will enjoy our delightful tours and enjoy our Beppin culture!