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“Bonsai experience in Jiyugaoka,Tokyo”

Bonsai is one of the traditional Japanese cultural art which has been practiced in Japan for more than 1400 years.

With trees, flowers, grass, and stones in a small pot, it expresses the beauty and spaciousness of a natural landscape.

We are pleased to provide you with a great opportunity to learn technique of creating bonsai, and how to appreciate, how to care bonsai from worldwide famous bonsai master named Kenji Kobayashi at his shop in Jiyugaoka on Toyoko Line. (Jiyugaoka is located approximately 15minutes from Shibuya). In his lesson, you can create your own bonsai by choosing your favorite plant and learn about the spirit of bonsai.  We hope you can experience Japanese spirits deeper through bonsai experience.

<Profile of Kenji Kobayashi>

Kenji Kobayashi studied engineering and landscape in his native Japan before learning about bonsai in Portland, Oregon, where the art of miniature landscapes captivated his imagination. After returning to Japan, he immersed himself in the study of bonsai and in 2002, he created his new style, called “Keshiki Bonsai” which literally means landscape bonsai.

In Keshiki Bonsai, he uses young plants and experiments with a wider variety of pots and styles, leading to a more contemporary approach that attracts young people. He opened his shop named “Sinajina” in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, where he creates and sells modern bonsai as well as other handcrafted home decorative items.

Active in solo exhibitions across Japan, Kobayashi also teaches, writes, and appears on television and in workshops sharing the vision of “little landscape for our lives”.

Kenji Kobayashi’s web site :

*Available Date & TimeUpon your request
*The time required Approximately 4 hours
*Included in this tour Pick up service at your hotel, Bonsai lesson material
*Program Fee Please refer to the table below.
(min.2 persons per tour required)
*Transportation fee, is not included

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