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Beppin Tea Ceremony and Kimono Dressing Experience

The exquisite arts of Japanese tea ceremony and kimono dressing are an integral part of Japanese culture and have been practiced for centuries. In this special tour, you will be able to feel what it is like to really be Japanese and take part in these time old traditions in a contemporary fusion space. Wearing a kimono is such a magical experience and we would love to be the ones to share it with you. After you get dressed into your kimono, you can enjoy powdered green tea known as ‘matcha’, which tastes even better when you are dressed in traditional Japanese clothing.


  • Your guide will help you choose a kimono that suits your completion and brings out your beauty.
  • You can participate in an authentic tea ceremony and learn how to enjoy tea culture.
  • On your request, your guide will be happy to take multiple photos with your camera or phone so you can remember the experience.

*Available Date & TimeUpon your request
*The time required Approximately 3.5 hours
*Included in this tourPick up service at your hotel
*Program Fee Please refer to the table below.
(min.2 persons per tour required)
 *Transportation fee, is not included.

**Program Fee**

  The number of guests Program Fee
2 28000JPY
3 34000JPY
4 40000JPY